A while back, we compiled a list of 20 male celebrities who are a little rough around the edges these days, but once upon a time were total 10's. 

Now, after intense deliberation and fantabulous suggestions from our readers, we have unearthed 20 more dudes who we oh-so-fly in their heyday. Get ready to be amazed at the pure, raw power of 70's haircuts and soft focus lighting.

1.) Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Man, he must have had the best pick-up lines ever: "Let me blow your mind with these statistics about the groovy cosmic realms of outer space, baby."

2.) Nikola Tesla

It's really too bad he was more into pigeons than women.

3.) Larry David

Maybe the reason he's so angry all the time is because he spent his youth trapped in the body of a Ken doll.

4.) Gene Kelly

Tap-dancing has never been this steamy.

5.) Ian McKellen

I've always clung to an ounce of shame for my intense attraction to Gandalf. Now, it's really just common sense.

6.) Bill Cosby

This face plus those sweaters equals every gal's hipster dream.

7.) Ricky Gervais

Had I been 14 in the year 1986, I would definitely have had this poster right above my bed.

8.) Phil Collins

This face says "Yes, I will write you cheesy love songs that rhyme 'you' with 'blue'" and I probably wouldn't resist. As long as he keeps his Birkenstocks off the couch.

9.) Harry Houdini

There are so many "Want to see a magic trick?" jokes I want to make right now, but for the sake of my journalistic integrity I'll just let you come up with your own.

10.) Steve Carell

I definitely would have carved his initials into the bathroom stall while skipping algebra.

11.) James Earl Jones

If he had actually played Darth Vader, instead of just voicing him, Han Solo would have had some series competition for heartbreaker of the universe.

12.) Howard Dean

Whenever I see lovely, intellectual women married to not-the-sharpest-knife politicians, I always question how such a union came to be. Now, questions have become answers.

13.) Michael Caine

Albert, please escort me to the BatCave.

14.) Robert DeNiro

Before he was just someone's angry Italian dad, he was so, so much more. Though, it's reassuring his weird mole is not a recent development.

15.) Thomas Edison

It's a bummer he probably would have been one of those "Get away from me, dame! Can't you see I'm trying to change the course of history?!" types.

16.) Jackie Chan

Surprise! Jackie Chan existed before Rush Hour. And my what a fine existence it was.

17.) Karl Marx

Is anyone else getting that Thriller-era Michael Jackson vibe from this?

18.) Ernest Hemingway

Before he was an old, bearded jerk...he was young, very cute, and probably still a jerk.

19.) Richard Gere

I love a man whose eyebrows are bigger than his actual eyes.

20.) The Entire Monty Python Crew

Under normal circumstances, I think it's safe to say you don't want to try and date six best friends all at one time. But...in this case, I'd probably check my moral code at this door.


People of the internet, how do you feel about the additions to the list? Is there anyone we're still forgetting? Is there anyone on here who is just a total "NO."? Let us know!


Images via imgur, young-celebrities.com, izismile.com, swotti.com, moviestarspicture.com, hartransom.org, marxists.org, imstars.aufeminin.com, filmbuffonline.com, blogspot.com, pbs.org, disqus.com, tumblr.com, blogs.princeton.edu, poetryfoundation.org

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