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Communicating with Confidence: The Creative, Ambitious Entrepreneur's Guide to Better Business Writing

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Are you a smart, sassy, creative entrepreneur looking to improve your business writing skills and increase your profits? In this step-by-step guide that includes templates and worksheets for many common types of business writing, you’ll learn how to make writing for your business easier, faster, and less frustrating. It’s the definitive guide to using writing to get your message out, market your business, and ultimately attract a whole lot more funding, revenue and profits to your company. Here’s the five-part breakdown: Part 1: No One Cares About Your Widgets – How to Write So Your Audience Gets It Part 2: Words in Print – How to Make Your Writing Shine Offline Part 3: Words on the Web – How to Write So You Stand Out Online Part 4: Getting More Efficient – How to Use Tools & Technology to Your Advantage Among the valuable skills you’ll learn: * How to write a blog post in half an hour instead of half a day * How to make sure your own writing is clear and error-free * How to create print materials that you don’t have to update every two months * How to use online tools and technology to save even more time Copy for your web site can cost $300 or $3000. A business plan? $2000 and up. Professional editing services? That could cost $500 a year. We’re giving you at least a $2800 value – for just $97. Check out Communicating with Confidence at confidence

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