The polar vortex is back, y'all! I barely survived the walk from the subway to BUST HQ—both physically and spiritually—so I did some virtual shopping while waiting for my poor hands to defrost.

Read on for the cold-busting swag I'm coveting right now:


J. Crew jacquard opera gloves, $149.99

Yes, they're a splurge, but they're wool and leather on the outside (TOASTY!) and silk-lined (ELEGANT!). Completely worth it, in my estimation. 


Super Black nail lacquer in Slap Happy, $12.00

In addition to writing one of the LOLiest comics on Teh Internets, Natalie Dee makes hand-mixed, 4-free, high-pigment nail polish in sick-ass colors. Slap Happy is the perfect red: bright, cheery, and infused with glitter and gold. Wearing this shade beneath your gloves is like wearing super-fancy lingerie under sweats: it's a magical surprise only you need know about. Treat yo' self.



Vintage funnel-neck tunic sweater, $65.00

I always feel like I'm being choked to death in turtlenecksand not in a hawt and sensual way. This oversized wool/angora blend is roomy enough to layer under, and the big ol' pockets are perfectly sized for gloved hands.

I'd pair it with fleece-lined leggings, thigh-high knit socks (I love these cozy suckas from Sock Dreams) and lace-up ankle boots. Plus, it's light enough to rock it over a vintage slip with patent oxfords in spring. Booyah.


Stila Convertible Color in Sweet Pea, $25.00

It's too cold to live, let alone put on makeup. Swipe a couple fingerfuls of this amazing stuff on your cheek apples and the center of your lips during your morning commute and you are good. to. go.

This is my ride-or-die product in extreme weather. SO good.


L.L. Bean shearling-lined boots, $199.00

Yes, this certainly seems pricey for shoes you'll only slog about in during the grossest of days, but I am a firm believer in the power of the Bean Boot. In fact, I'm currently wearing a pair I inherited from my mom, and they've been kicking around (ha!) since 1993. Still waterproof. Still comfy. Still baller.

You best believe I'll be getting this luxe shearling-lined edition once my current pair kicks the bucket. (Okay, I'll stop.)


Fire Cider, $12.00

Okay, it may not count as cute, but hear me out! 

We were wrapping up a long day at BUST HQ and did a tasting (read: shots) of this tart 'n tangy concoction a couple weeks ago. Debbie couldn't handle the spice level, which means that it was perfect for me. 

Apple cider vinegar, honey, and heat-packing roots like turmeric and ginger have been used as an immune system booster for hundreds of years, but this is the first one I've tried that doesn't make me wanna gag. Raise a (teensy) glass to yourself before you brave the weather. You deserve it.


Be careful out there, everybody!


Top photo via 2ndlookvintage

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