This story sent chills down my body, so be forewarned.

A stabbing in Sweden blighted an International Women’s Day celebration. Nazis are to blame. 

Yes you read right... after a WOMEN'S ANTI - VIOLENCE demonstration, a group of feminists were ATTACKED... BY NAZIS. 

According to multiple left-wing Swedish news sources, the group of feminists were attacked at 1am, leaving a “Reclaim the Night” demonstration on March 9th

It is unknown exactly how many individuals were involved in the attack, but six were taken to the hospital. Of the six, two were attackers and four were victims. The attack took place in central Malmo, in a square known as the heart of the multicultural and left wing district of Malmo.

People gather in the square to protest violence.

In a recently confirmed update, which reads like a sensational fiction thriller, Police in Malmo have confirmed that Nazis are behind the attack.

 The three men in custody are “known Nazis holding membership with the svenskarnes parti (Swedes party), a party that claims that ‘only people who belong to the western genetic and cultural heritage… should be Swedish citizens.’” It is obvious that this was a planned attack, and is similar to the Nazi attack at an anti- fascist demonstration in Stockholm, less than 3 months ago, which also lead to serious injuries and a murder investigation.

Solidarity to Malmo from Umea.

Reportedly, there has been a heightened Nazi presence in Malmo. Left wing locals have been terrorized with broken windows and graffiti. In January, a 16-year-old member of SSU (Sweden’s Social Democratic Youth Organization) was beaten and threatened to stop spreading her views.

One of the wounded, Showan Shattak was initially in critical condition, but is now reported as “stable.”

Shattak is a Swedish gay rights activist who founded the group Football Fans Against Homophobia. He is a well-known Malmo FF soccer club fan and news of his attack spread quickly throughout his network, leading to a great deal of public support and solidarity demonstrations.


The soccer club, Malmo FF, released a statement of support against the attack, stating:

“All of our thoughts and all our love today goes out to our friend Showan who was last night stabbed and beaten by Nazis. Showan is currently under sedation in the hospital. Showan is one of Malmo’s most active figures and has strongly contributed to building up the culture of stands today in the MFF. We will never accept racism and Nazism in our stands or in our city. We invite everyone to give their thoughts to Showan and his family. All love to you Showan. Fight!”


An ongoing protest in Stockholm.

On a national level, this latest attack has caused larger political unrest. A local news source, Aftonbladet, reported that the Swedish Prime minister Frederik Reinfeldt was “too busy” to comment on the attack, leading to the creation of the twitter hashtag: “#VarÄrReinfeldt?” (Where is Reinfeldt?).

Update: Reinfeldt eventually made a statement at 3:30 today (March 10th) about the horror of the existence of Nazism and racism.


Images courtesy of  Facebook and Sydsvenskan

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