The combination of electronic music and pop is a delicate one, carefully mastered by U.K. duo AlunaGeorge on their debut studio album, Body Music (out now on Vagrant). The partnership, comprised of Aluna Francis and George Reid, couples smooth vocals with diversely slick production that hardly errs on the side of cheesy, despite the fact that most of their songs are playful love ballads. As acts like Quadron and Jessie Ware make their way Stateside, they’re opening doors for groups like AlunaGeorge to make an equal (if not greater) impact combining soul and synth in harmony. The '90s R&B influence is very apparent on Body Music, starting with the introductory "Outlines," which recalls early Brandy and the late Aaliyah, but with electronic sensibilities. The project plays host to an amalgam of melodies, from the aggressive pop single "You Know You Like It" to the freestyle beginnings of "Best Be Believing" that erupt into a house party. It's a daunting task to make an entire album of electronic beats sound fresh and the opposite of redundant. Reid crafts production that in one moment bathes in blips ("Attracting Flies") and in another radiates delicious synths ("Superstar"). While Francis's voice is perky and childlike, she flexes her vocals to the max, switching it up from the high-octave "Diver" to the breathiness of the title track. AlunaGeorge created a solid work in Body Music. Casual electro heads and pop fiends can mutually enjoy this ride, as AlunaGeorge bring a party for your body. 

-Kathy Iandoli 

Photo via Stereogum

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