Just when we thought we had finally eschewed all reason for live TV, last night's broadcast of the Grammys made us glad we slogged through all those Pepsi commercials and Justin Timberlake sponsorships. Not for the ceremony itself, but for the debut of a brand new trailer for Disney's Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the hottest Disney villain since Hades.

Angie stuns as the Sleeping Beauty villain in a horned headpiece, green CGI flames, and a collar higher than her Gaga-esque cheekbones. In the span of ninety seconds, she faces off with a dragon, intimidates Elle Fanning, and debuts a delightfully evil laugh, and it's all soundtracked by a new Lana Del Rey song. Her first new tune since The Great Gatsby's "Young And Beautiful," the crooner shows her spooky side with a haunting cover of the classic Disney ballad "Once Upon A Dream." You can download the cover for free on Google Play, and (re)watch the trailer below.


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