Put on your angry faces, everyone – another woman is being wrongfully imprisoned and no one is hearing about it. On August 21, 2013, Nestora Salgado (a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States) attempted to return to her hometown in Olinalá, Guerrero State, Mexico – an area that's supposed to be a secluded, indigenous pueblo. Instead, Salgado found herself in the middle of a city run by drug cartels and bought-out government officials.


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Nestora was part of a completely legal, independent, indigenous police force, which had risen up to expel the drug dealers that were bribing the Feds and buying elections when they were overrun by criminals and government alike. Nestora – recognized as the leading figure in the uprising – was arrested and has been in prison since late August. Nestora’s conditions are deplorable; she is detained 2,000 miles from her hometown and rarely allowed clean water and regular health care, let alone visitors. 

Rallies for her freedom have been held all over the world, including right in front of the U.S. Consulate. Unfortunately, though, officials have not yet interceded on her behalf. Nestora worked hard to improve the communities in which she was involved, and empowered an oppressed people to stand up for themselves. Human rights lawyer Thomas Antkowiak is working toward freeing this inspiring woman, but you can get involved by signing this petition.

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