Let me preface this with a statement of reassurance: I struggle with optical illusions, and this one took me about five minutes of unwavering perseverance. Yes, it might look like an average parrot with an oddly shaped tail feather, but believe it or not, that is an actual lady. Johannes Stötter, an artist based in Italy and 2012 Body Painting World Champion, reportedly spent four weeks planning the painting in extreme detail to get the effect just right. From head to toe, it took four hours to turn his human canvas into a tropical bird. 

Many points to this woman for sitting like for forever. My butt hurts just looking at it. 

Once you manage to locate the woman’s form under the paint, it becomes apparent that positioning her body was no simple task. In the close up photos, you can see how Stötter used shading and fine detailing to blend the edges of the model’s limbs together.  The lines of her body fades effortlessly into one another, creating one smooth, seamless parrot. 

Aside from the slightly pointy elbow and her perfectly pointed foot, finding the rest of her body without cheating was virtually impossible for me, but then again, I have spatial reasoning problems. You can check out more awesome body paintings by Stötter on his website. Have a mind-blowing Tuesday!

Images via Johannes Stötter

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