LADIES REPRESENT!: BUST's First Art Show Was a Masterpiece!

BUST and Superchief co-curated group art show, LADIES REPRESENT!, and it was a super successful showcase of work by 20 AMAZING lady artists, including legendary graffiti artist CLAW Money, who painted a mural outside the gallery!

BUST's first art show ran until August 18th, and showed the work of other awesome artists, including Beth Hoeckel, Dame Darcy, E.V. Day, Caroline Hwang, Veronica Ibarra, Alexis Mabry, Laura McMillian, Kembra Pfahler, Martha Rich, Beatrice Schleyer, Lauren Silberman, Heather Vernon, Jaimie Warren, Amy Watanabe, Esther Pearl Watson, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Sarah Wilmer, Swoon, and Twiggs. 

If ya missed it, you missed out. It was a great, fun night, filled with artwork, friends, and more friends! Check out the pics below if you don't believe me:

DJ AgoodLhooq was spinning old school hip-hop all night

Artist Sarah Wilmer & Friends

Minya Quirk and CLAW Money in front of CLAW's mural

In front of CLAW Mural: Jackie Zenone Martin; BUST Art Director, Laurie Henzel; and BUST Crafty Lady, Callie Watts

BUST Audience embracing the artwork at Superchief   

Jessica Delphino and BUST friend Dre Grigoropol in front of CLAW mural

Laura McMillian—burlesque performance art

Photographer Lauren Silberman

Artist Kembra Pfahler


Let's not forget this awesome video by ÅKÅSHIK LøGIKS!


Special thanks to Superchief and Culturefix

Also thanks to Frey Vineyards for the wonderful wine we (responsibly) had too much of


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