With all the “fit moms” and tabloid attention on “post-baby bodies,” we can lose sight of the fact that our beauty lies in our diversity. The fetishization of the mother with the "perfect body" is discouraging to women of all walks and phases of life, and it’s important to combat this kind of aggressive negativity by celebrating our bodies, minds, and lives. A few months ago, Maria Kang, often called “Fit Mom,” posted a photo of herself with the sentiment, “What’s your excuse?” 



Another mother named Taryn Brumfitt promptly took to Facebook and her blog to remind the public that judging and critiquing one another isn’t the way to empowerment. A former sports figure athlete and the creator of Body Image Movement, Brumfitt struggled with her changing body after pregnancy and childbirth. Then she realized: she loved her body in all the forms it had ever taken. It was her body, and she embraced it. She reached out to her Facebook network, posting images of her nearly-nude “before” and “after” forms with a message of body positivity: “I want to show women that you can love your body before, during, and after,” she says. 


Brumfitt’s photographs are beautiful and joyously playful, and it’s been encouraging and touching to many to see a woman celebrate her body. The images themselves are so powerful, and the alleged feud between Brumfitt and “Fit Mom” shouldn’t be the subject of her work, as the media has made it out to be. Brumfitt has been criticized, and “Fit Mom” has been slammed as selfish. Brumfitt’s message isn’t a competitive one but one of positivity, and hopefully it will help to break a cycle of baby body shaming. Let’s stop hating on each other’s bodies and treat one another with the respect we all deserve.  


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