BedLibs: A One-Handed Read Generator


You were a kid once right? Well then you surely remember MAD LIBS. If you've forgotten, it's a game where you choose random nouns, verbs, adjectives, a gerund or two (still don't know what those are), and then insert them into strategic places in a story to create a hilariously nonsensical read. Well this is the same thing, except with more thrusting and nipples.

3361When you complete your BED LIB by filling in the fields below and including your email address, we'll get your story sent to us, and whichever one makes BUST laugh the hardest will win a FUN FACTORY Stronic Pulsator and two tickets to the Press-Only Fun Factory launch party for their next big thing, the ZWEI at the Museum of Sex  in New York City June 27th. Contest submissions must be in by June 20th, and winner will be announced on the 22nd!