Be still my beating heart. Beyonce has made it abundantly clear that she is, indeed, a feminist warrior in her commentary published by The Shriver Report, entitled – wait for it – "Gender Equality Is a Myth!" exclamation point and all! * swoon *

Short and sweet, Beyonce tells it like it is:

Humanity requires both men and women, and we are equally important and need one another. So why are we viewed as less than equal?"

Admittedly, the post left me wanting. Queen B definitely did not extend herself  far beyond basic gender-equality statistics and buzzwords, and  the commentary could have used an extra paragraph or five, but what it powerful about the Mrs. Carter post is exactly what is powerful about her usage of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s now famous “Why We Should All Be Feminists” TED talk  in "***Flawless." Beyonce is using her idolized and widely heard voice to share otherwise wildly unpopular feminist ideals, and that makes this proud feminist giddy. Think of all the people that got slipped a feminist lesson in the middle of their Beyonce -induced hibernations/comas! You sneaky pop-icon, you. 

The power of this post also lies within its challenge to the usage of her image as “proof” of a post-feminist society (a.k.a an excuse to dismiss racial and gender inequality in America). Yonce is often used as a tokenized symbol of progress for women, and more specifically, women of color in the US. But we know that in reality, Beyonce is – as Colored Girl Confidential says – a "damn distraction."  Although the world is in a deeply devoted (read: obsessive) relationship with this current Goddess of Pop, and her story of success is impressive, her narrative is in no way the reality for larger communities of women, especially women of color. Reiterating this reality in her own voice is a very powerful thing, as she is making sure to not be in any way mistaken as claiming that the world is actually run by girls. 

Leaving other #BeyonceThinkPieces as they are/skimming over the complicated and mixed quasi-feminist messages Beyonce sends to her listeners, I am celebrating this post as a feminist victory for us fiery feminist kill-joys of the world because I'm a grown woman, and I can do whatever I want. Right, Beyonce? 

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