Donita Sparks, that crazy lead lady from L7, is back with a new band called the Stellar Moments.  They played Highline Ballroom in NYC Saturday night to promote their new release, Transmiticate. Though it’s been years since she became an onstage legend by throwing a used tampon into the audience at the Reading Festival in ’92 (gross or hilarious—you decide), Sparks was still a total firecracker onstage.  Shimmying like a satanic go-go dancer, and headbanging like a total badass, she even straddled and rode an amp at one point, and threw in a few high kicks during the set’s closer.  She’s so cool, she even asked media folks, like myself, to call her personally and confirm their spot on the list!

It was sort of like the ‘90s never ended on Saturday night—there was a dude in the audience sporting a Babes in Toyland shirt and did I mention Mudhoney headlined?  It’s true. They brought the noise better than any band I’ve ever seen with a 20-year career. My ears are still ringing.

 Check out Transmiticate, if you long for that sludge-y, grungy sound, out now on Sparks’ own label Sparksfly! -Sara Graham

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