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Gals worldwide are going B.A.N.A.N.A.'s over street-style sites and fashion blogs lately and a few issues back (Aug/Sept 07), when we featured some adorable fashion-clad ladies from across the globe, tons of readers wrote in begging us for more! While you can expect a significantly plumper portion of the mag to be dedicated to street trends in upcoming issues, I decided there are just to many budding fashionista's and fashion freaks out there that need to be exposed, and I'm using this as my platform. So I give you this, post Numero Uno, to a weekly (maybe daily) dose of style to devour...

Blog or Website:

Age: 19

Location: Bronx, NY

What you're wearing:  I'm wearing a cardigan I got as a hand me down from my mom, my favorite belt from goodwill, an H&M dress, H&M knee-highs, and suede wedges from my local Nine West outlet shop.

What you're currently obsessed with:
Blazers from the little boys section, especially ones with brass buttons or school logos.

Item you're craving: A high waisted leather skirt and the perfect white dress for summer

What inspires your style: Fashion blogs and magazines, but I especially love taking inspiration from my favorite movies and dressing the part of how I imagine specific characters would in real life.

Your fave shop:
I love Goodwill! It takes time and effort but you find the greatest gems tucked in between those ugly polyester suits and taffeta bridesmaid dresses.


Wanna be the next style maven featured here? Email your best full outfit shots, Name, and answers to the above questions to

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