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I’ll admit it’s nearly impossible for me to discuss New York's Fashion Week without a hint of cynicism, but when I stumbled upon the Gothamist’s tribute to Fashion Weeks passed I couldn’t help but drool all over my keyboard. The NYC blog does a virtual time warp as it takes a look back at three memorable decades of fashion: the 1960s, ‘50s and ‘40s, and the couture coveted by women around the world.


As you click through the years watch as the curvaceous silhouette of the earlier half the twentieth century is whittled down to a mere toothpick. God loves the lanky likes of glamour girls Twiggy and Penelope Tree, but for all the ladies whose hips don’t lie, a comeback of the hourglass figure is long overdue. Christina Hendricks, lead the way!

Leisure & Luxury, 1949

Colored Pencils: The dawn of the pencil skirt and  shorts for ladies, 1950

Open-back gowns give modesty the cold shoulder in 1962

She's Got Legs: hemlines rise and it's gams galore in 1969



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