We heart the art of former BUST boy du jour Marcel Dzama. So when I found out he was co-directing the video for one of my fave new Department of Eagles songs, 'No One Does It Like You,' I couldn't wait to see his characters come to life. The result, which I was lucky enough to see premiered at MoMA last night, is a surreal war story set in Dzama-land, a strange battle of the sexes between civil war-type soldiers and ninja-terrorist ballerinas. There's also a ghost choir. You better just watch it for yourself.

Click here for pics of last night's MoMA Pop Rally event. Department of Eagles played a short and sweet set, and Dzama was there talking about the evolution of the project as were the choreographer, the producer, a couple of the graphics guys, and co-director 'Patrick Daughters' via phone who was actually Spike Jonez (love!) affecting a ridiculous accent. Patrick Daughters (who does not have an accent) is also the genius behind Feist's '1234' vid.

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