The artist Marcey Hawk uses her breasts instead of paintbrushes, creating abstract expressions of her own eroticism. While her clients include celebrities famously inclined towards objectification of women, meanings deeper than “BOOBS!” might be gleaned from the work. Bear with me. 

The images are indeed playful, and the hook of the work is the choice to use her breasts—she calls herself the “boob artist”— but they’re also evocative of 1950s Abstract Expressionism. Although the tremendous works of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko emerged from the movement, it was in some ways defined by a sort of machismo that promoted “masculine” constructs and alienated women. Hawk’s choice to emulate those artists, intentionally or not, through the use of her mammary glands seems like a subversion of the sexist ideas of the mid-20th century art world. 

With works like Just The Tip, Nipple Print, and Titty Twerk, Hawk is sure to amuse… or provoke. Let us know what you think in the comments!



Thanks to Lost At E Minor

Images via Lost At E Minor

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