According to a news blast from may be coming to jenky, jenky Brooklyn. Last year, Sasheer Zamata made a spoof webisode advertising a fictional “Locations of Girls” tour (see below) and today the Daily News confirms the rumor's plausibility. This means that soon, my friends, double decker buses could be trolling through your hood, spewing out tourists eager to photograph the authentic sights and sounds of Greenpoint, Crown Heights, and The Stuy. Is nothing sacred?!

While Manhattan already plays host to several kitschy TV-location tours (OnLocation Tours sponsors wanderings through the old sets of The Sopranos, Sex and The City, and Gossip Girl), a Girls patrol might represent a new and upsetting coup for the city's tourism industry. As if the rapidly gentrifying hipster haunts of WillyB didn't already remind you of a zoo, imagine visitors-from-afar making special treks to “[that] Bushwick warehouse where Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) accidentally smokes crack.” I mean...could an abandoned warehouse really be that cool to see?

On an unrelated note, for those who are just as obsessed with cataloguing Hannah Horvath's every move, Thought Catalog has put out an open call for manuscript proposals about...wait for it...Girls' cultural impact. Read the details here. I guess we can all get our outlines started while we wait in line for tickets to "tour" our own neighborhoods. There's something very meta about all of this. 



Image courtesy of YouTube.

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