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Date: Friday, March 18, 2011 At 08:00 AM
Duration: 1 Hour
Contact Info:
Email: yaya993088@yahoo.com

Sleep until nike air max he woke up - very simple trick insomnia nursed back to health

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not long.

Mouth pain, wake up at night feeling the body is hot, itnike air max seems spleen (tongue with teeth marks), and recently the tongue is always blistering, and a littleair max shoes toothache. air max shoes

Also, I am thin, massage will not hurt the basic points.

Massage does notnike air max 90 know what point should also be good to resolve the problem of sleep?

In low class A: Yournike air max premium problem seems to be Liver and liver deficiency caused by Wang.

The most effective pointsnike air max 2010 in addition to Taichong Point, the Yang Ling Quan (gall bladder) and tributary points (triple burner)nike air max will also be.

Hope Q: I used to go to bed every night at 11:30, 5 to 6 hours sleep a day.air max shoes

Ever since he read "manual for human use" every day after I started to knock gallnike air max 90 bladder, going to bed early, about 10 o'clock every night to sleep, but it hard to fall nike air max 90 asleep,nike air max premium and often two or three to fall asleep, and sometimes all night, sleep, insomnia and more

andnike air max 2010 more serious.

Considered normal eating, eat less meat, vegetables and more.

I likenike air max to eat hot stuff, do not like to eat cold, ice things.

1 to 2 days a stool, black stool colorair max shoes cast, there is always pulling different feeling.

I am introverted, much of one; much, muchnike air max 90 talk will feel very tired, not bring gas; people are more timid, failing to nervous.

Therenike air max premium is sore throat a bit dry, thick and greasy tongue coating, bad breath.

Get angry when I drinknike air max 2010 salt water, eat more fruits and generally nike air max premium all right, usually tongue has teeth marks, often bleedingnike air max gums.

Described in the book by the teacher, I am afraid of the cold chills are usually afraidair max shoes of the wind, the winter cold hands and feet, people who do not want to drink (except when lit),nike air max 90 I'd like Qiangshen films, Guifu Huang Wan is

two drugs, or eat a single food?

Addnike air max premium brown sugar, water hawthorn powder Panax I do not know how to control weight?

Want the teacher'snike air max 2010 instructions.

Jnc: Your insomnia is due to past physical deficiency, long-term overdraft anger, causing the body to get used to the night fire very busy liver, leading to still the spirit of late, the lack of a sense nike air max 2010 of sleepiness.