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Date: Monday, April 11, 2011 At 08:00 AM
Duration: 1 Hour
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Email: yaya993088@yahoo.com

Not all of precocious youth nike air max (Photo)

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Not all of the early adolescent

June 11, 2009 Editor: 鈽?鈽?charm 銇?voice nike air max of young people in society today, Switzerland is widely regarded as premature contact and the air max shoes "licentious excesses."

But now a survey has revealed that Swiss youth is not nike air max 90 quite so completely "crazy", most of them romantic vision of nature with the emotional nike air max premium feelings.

Switzerland is not as young as people think too early

The name "Bravo" nike air max 2010 survey in 1228 were young German-speaking Swiss.

Survey shows that most young people aged nike air max 12-13 has reached sexual maturity, 12-year-old half of adolescents have had the experience of air max shoes kissing.

Most people know how to masturbate from age 13 and tongue kissing, caressing know nike air max 90 the age of 15,6, while the majority of the people first sexual experience occurred in the 16-17 nike air max premium years old.

>> Related: Youth: alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual risk-taking (graphic) nike air max 2010 is precocious teenagers today?

Investigation proved otherwise, and now the majority of nike air max Swiss teenagers 16-17 years of age or in their first sexual experience.

Of course, the air max shoes precocious young modern society than in the past has increased: in 1980 14 year old boy had only nike air max 90 2% of the eating "forbidden fruit", while in 2009 this proportion had reached 14%. nike air max premium

So precocious youth know what they are doing?

It is not.

They are still nike air max 2010 some young teenagers, for only a little knowledge of, attitude is not enough care.

Balthus nike air max Balthus girl works of erotic works that involve sexual and highly controversial for a long time air max shoes will not be accepted.

Jia Nada (Pierre

Gianadda) Foundation from June 16 -11 23 nike air max 90 Balthus exhibition held in Martigny.

Balthus years of living in Switzerland, and finally nike air max premium end up in Switzerland, among the huts.

His work suffered because many involve sexual and nike air max 2010 controversial for a long time will not be accepted.

ProLitteris 2008 survey, 25% of young people that post-coital contraception is appropriate contraceptive methods; 20% is the ideal contraceptive method that is "more attention";