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Date: Thursday, October 13, 2011 At 04:00 PM
Duration: 1 Hour
Contact Info:
Lori Stone
Email: lori@joyguild.com

What is Art Camp for Big Kids?
...Art Camp is playtime for busy, overworked adults like YOU.

Packed with fun and opportunities for creative expression through arts, crafts, games, and personal reflection, retreat participants can expect an experience that mimics a summer camp for younger kids. We cater to adults and activities include both high-energy games and relaxing, fun individual projects for the busy and over-worked.

We'll be selecting sessions from the following (depending on instructor availability):

- Art basics/Art 101/Art Theory
- Art Therapy
- Textile arts (machine and hand sewing basics)
- Crochet and Knit
- Papercraft & mixed media
- Painting and drawing
- Jewelry-making
- Sculpture and 3D craft

What people are saying about our art retreats...

• "It's nice to just enjoy ME."
• "This is something that should be mandatory!"
• "The main take back w/me=Joy"
• "The sense of community was so powerful and immediate."
• "...realized we all have a niche."
• "I'm taking back a bit more confidence and foundation in my creativity."
• "...I would like to spend more time creating."
• "Overall retreat, scale of 1-10...25"
• "...not to be afraid to try something you think you're not good at."

For more information, visit: http://www.joyguild.com/ and click the "Art Camp for Big Kids" link.

Step away from the overload...play more. :)

Seattle/Puget Sound, Washington State.

Thursday 10/13 4pm through Sunday 10/16 12noon.