If you are sexually active in New Orleans, this outrageous title could be a reality.  The New Orleans Police Department recently started enforcing a "loitering for prostitution" statute that allows anyone whom the police suspect of prostitution to be arrested if they are carrying condoms.  

The ironic part is that this statute was put in place to lower Louisiana's high levels of HIV and AIDS, but all it's doing is scaring sex workers—the very people who rely on protection—from carrying condoms.

When Raw Story contacted the New Orleans Police Department and asked how many condoms a person had to possess in order to be arrested on charges of "loitering for prostitution," a department spokesperson told them that it was "more than five," but refused to clarify if that meant carrying a legally purchased box of condoms.

Upon hearing about this crazy statute, which is by all means crazy, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) is demanding an end to this street harassment and even wrote an entire methodology that states logical solutions to addressing the HIV and AIDS epidemic.


Thanks to Raw Story

Photo by trec_lit via Creative Commons 

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