The distinct experience of being a young woman is one of the most difficult things to capture. Petra Collins, in collaboration with Arvida Bystrom, has come pretty close to making the melancholy of those formative years tangible. (Perhaps you remember Petra Collins as the artist behind the controversial menstruating vulva t-shirt sold at American Apparel?)

Collins' photo series "Lines and Curves" wraps up the awkwardness we all experienced in a pastel package and creates images that have the power to evoke every repressed 13-year-old memory. While the pictures themselves aren't exactly National Geographic material, there is something about the "I took this in my bedroom" essence that makes their meaning even stronger. Hopefully Judy Blume enjoyed this five-minute respite from being #1 at pinpointing the adolescent experience.

Check out the rest of the photos below: 


Images via Petra Collins

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