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I love the story of the movement that got us Votes for Women. The "Spirit of 1776" is the name of the campaign wagon my grandmother Edna Buckman Kearns used in New York City and Long Island to barnstorm for the woman's suffrage movement. The wagon's in the collection of the New York State Museum, and sometime in the future it will be exhibited again. Meanwhile, its spirit lives on in this blog that's about history, cooking, tea parties and these fabulous courageous women who didn't stop until they won rights that we take for granted today. There were tens of thousands of women like my grandmother across the country. Perhaps you have a great grandmother or other family member who rode with Edna on her horse-drawn wagon. If not, then climb onboard for a series of adventures!

– Saturday, September 17 2011 –
I have a big popcorn bowl ready for a History Detectives segment on Tuesday, September 20th (PBS, 8-9 ET). This episode, which focuses on women's su...
– Tuesday, September 13 2011 –
When I was young, my mother told me about my suffragist grandmother Edna (that's her in the photo). “She did important work so women can vote ...

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