The activists of the global movement V-Day are ringing in the new year by rising against gender-based violence and abuse. About one billion women around the world are raped in their lifetime. On February 14, 2014, the world is invited to share stories of survival and support and cry for justice as part of the One Billion Rising campaign. Each year, one billion men and women will rise and participate in the action. 

V-Day calls us to action, stating, “Justice [...] can be an apology or reparations. Taking legal action. It can be about making the truth visible. It can be prosecuting, or pushing to create change, or implementing policies and laws that ensure the protection of women’s rights. It can be calling for an end to all forms of inequality, discrimination, misogyny and patriarchy. It can be naming perpetrators whether they be individuals, groups, corporations or the state. Demanding accountability. It can be rising for justice be it personal, social, economic, cultural, environmental or political. It can be a revolutionary call to restore dignity and respect for all women. It can be about transformation.”

For the prolific and legendary Eve Ensler, justice is captured in words, a stunning poem entitled And Then We Were Jumping. In this poignant animation, the artist Jordan Bruner lends her vision to Ensler’s story, hoping to inspire other survivors and their loved ones to come forward and share their own visions of justice, which may be expressed through videos, ideas, art, poetry, and other mediums. Watch Ensler and Bruner’s magnificent creation below, and share yours here

Video and image via YouTube

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