In Case You Missed It: Best Tweets From The Horrid Hashtag #IDontNeedFeminism

Feminism has once again managed to triple axel itself into a mire of contradictions on Twitter.

One user summed up their frustration with #IDontNeedFeminism by tacking on #incrediblystupidhashtags. Taken literally...#IDontNeedFeminism and #incrediblystupidhashtags are essentially synonymous.  One user actually spelled "feminism" wrong in a tweet with the hashtag "#educateyourself." YIKES.

This trend is a twist on the amazing "I Need Feminism Because" movement, which began as a project to emphasize that post-feminism is a load of shit. The movement got its start on Duke University's campus as a myriad of photos of students holding whiteboards with inspiring and nod-worthy messages explaining why they do indeed, need feminism. The trend spread quickly, and now includes people of all kinds. The sentiments run the gamut from sentimental ("I need feminism because I considered not getting this photo taken because I'm not wearing make up") to statistics ("less than 1% of the world's property is owned by women").

Thankfully, most of the #IDontNeedFeminism tweets are in opposition to the statement. Tweeters called out supporters of the trend for being mainly white and upper-class. Ouch, the truth must hurt! 

Twitter has truly created an atmosphere where an endless debate can rage; both sides can continue to cyber-yell their views without ever directly interacting with their opposition. It's exhausting. 

So while it might have been fun to tweet about smacking people over the head with Women's Studies textbooks, or shoving feminist theory or statistics on gender oppression down their throat, we instead decided to gather the funniest #IDontNeedFeminism tweets (plus a few for inspiration).





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