Here in the BUST offices, we can never get enough of Fiona Apple, the songstress with the hauntingly beautiful voice that has kept us under her spell since her debut album back in 1996.  Because of this decades-long obsession, we were thrilled to hear her new love song, out just in time for Valentine's Day (or Single-And-Lovin-It Day).

Apple and her sister Maude Maggart sing a cover of "I'm In The Middle Of A Riddle" for the upcoming Sweetheart 2014 compilation.  The album brings together your favorite alternative musicians, covering their favorite love songs to create the perfect musical valentine. Filled with contemporary renderings of classic love songs from the likes of Bob Marley to Andrea Bocelli, no song is sweeter than Apple and Maggart's rendition than this beautiful little ditty. Originally written by the Austrian film composer Anton Karas in 1949 and performed by Karas and Kay Armen in 1950, Apple and Maggart's harmonies seem to dance around like two love birds.

The album includes other BUST favorites like Sharon Jones, who covers Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I"m Yours," and Beck, singing John Lennon's "Love".


Thanks Stereogum

Image Via The Collegian and Stereogum


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