After a long break, American Horror Story: Coven finally returns with a bang with none other than the musical legend Stevie Nicks as a guest star in tonight's episode. Allusions to the original White Witch have permeated the series, most notably in the character of Misty Day (Lily Rabe), who spends her days living in the Louisiana swamps listening to Fleetwood Mac and donning a wardrobe that seems to be stolen right out of Nicks's closet. Whether Misty is bringing people back to life or hanging out with alligators, Stevie Nicks's haunting vocals are bound to follow her wherever she goes.

Though little is known about Stevie Nick's role in the series, which will be revealed in a two episode guest arc, the short clip is a refreshing break from "horror" and more like something that could be found in a fun montage called "Witches Just Wanna Have Fun."

I'm just glad that, even if I can't actually hang out with Stevie Nicks, at least for the next few weeks, I'll be warmed by the fact that we're Coven Sisters.



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