Religious or not, many worship the Christmas tree. Within religious literature and the most personal family traditions, the tree represents birth and death; every winter, we might erect it and toss it aside weeks later, only to have it reborn next year. Sometimes we immortalize real trees with precious ornaments and family photographs that will be framed forever. 



For those of us who mourn our trees after they leave our homes is Gergo Gosztom’s stark photographic series After Christmas. Each photograph depicts a tree in all its lit and ornamented glory, sorrowfully discarded after the holidays yet hopefully beckoning us into the new year. With the addition of the tree, an abandoned building becomes church-like; a group of trees form a trinity of sorts. In one image, a tree sits at the opening of a mysterious passageway, lit in gold tones; in other, it forms a delicate cross with an old street light. Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments. 



Thanks to Flavorwire and Lost At E Minor

Images via Flavorwire

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