I’m not one to give a [insert animal body part] about many professional playoffs, if any at all. I do admit that while living in “America’s Dairyland” (a.k.a Wisconsin) a couple of years ago, I may have occasionally gushed over Aaron Rodgers like the rest of my fellow Cheeseheads and/or called the Super Bowl the Ultimate Grand Supreme, but in all honestly being attentive to anything but the half-time show during the NFL Super Bowl was and is a total chore. Not doing the stereotype any favors, I know. The 2014 Super Bowl is no exception. It could come and go and I likely would not notice (although I do know it takes place on February 2nd, so one point for me). 

What does totally pique my interest this year, is the promise of one leading company to sell without sex, a tactic they have used and abused in many (all?) years past. GoDaddy, the web-hosting company known best for it's sexy commercials that really have nothing to do with web-hosting, has announced their vow to take a different approach.

GoDaddy is claiming that they are staying inclusive to their customer base by avoiding the risqué innuendo, while continuing to remain edgy. I'm really not sure what they are trying to say by all that, or what they define as "edgy," but I'm certainly interested to see what they're up to. As they often have, the 2014 ad will feature American auto racing driver Danica Patrick (pictured above and below), but if you thought for one second that you might see her fully clothed this year, you are sadly mistaken. Even though she is donning a ridiculous yet freakishly realistic muscle suit, focus is still totally on her real lady-bod. Are those shorts what you mean by edgy, GoDaddy?


Tune in with me on the 2nd to see if they're just talking a big talk or not. This could be a potentially important moment in Super Bowl advertising, since the night is always dripping with half-naked models in bikinis, and loads of sexist beer commercials. If one company actually takes a stand to take a different approach and gets a response, it could be a step in the right direction. 

But I really don't have my hopes up.



images via dailymail

Thanks to Adweek and I4U News

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