Or a Rose? Or a Sophia?

It's crazy to think it's been almost 30 years since a group of retirees stole our hearts with their crass jokes and catchy theme song.  But one question has  been plaguing fans for years.


It's true. Way before "Sex and the City" graced our celluloid screens, we had four other sassy ladies that made us wonder if our personalities leaned more towards that of our beloved kind and ditzy character or her older, hence funnier, pal.

After years of waiting, the wait is over!

Brainfall has created a quiz that will finally put your burning question to rest. But beware! The Golden Girls aren't the only results that you might receive (I got Stan).

So go on over to Brainfall and let us know what you got!


Thanks to Brainfall

Image Via The Blue Review



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