"Ugly has never looked so beautiful" is a phrase that comes to mind when looking at Jessica Stoller's ceramic sculptures.  Feminine yet abrasive, this series looks at the female experience through a grotesque lens.  I always believed that nothing was more horrific and weird than being a girl.  Stoller's works of art purposefully focus on the underlying paradox of femininity, which in one hand is all about pink and ruffles and "prettiness" yet is also just as much about blood and guts and pain. The only difference is that only one of those sides is socially acceptable.

There's something about these sculptures that refuse to let you go.  They seem to be crying out to the viewer, both in joy and in sorrow. The smooth ceramic makes the pieces look delectable like an ice dream sunday or satin yet disturbingly realistic like exposed pieces of flesh.  This is one art installation I won't soon forget.

You can check out the exhibit called "Spoil" at the P.P.O.W gallery, running from January 9-February 8, 2014.


Thanks to PPOW Gallery and Dangerous Minds

All Images Via Dangerous Minds

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