“You have the right to choose who you love and what kind of family you want and to live free from rape and sexual violence,” explains groundbreaking painter Hikaru Cho. Renowned for her hyperrealistic, three-dimensional painted body art, Cho has joined forces with Amnesty International to create “My Body My Rights,” a set of emotionally charged and conceptual works meant to confront global issues of sexual abuse and other gender-based injustices, hoping to draw attention also to reproductive rights and LGBT rights. 



The series of images is meant to introduce and represent sexual violence and gender discrimination in a non-literal way; as constructed, explains Amnesty’s Madhu Malhotra, the project allows for individual interpretation and active discussion. A woman is shown holding the key to her own body, a lock placed above her womb; another peers behind her own shattered face, reconstructing her wounded sense of identity. In yet another gorgeous image, birth control pills are shown as a working part of a woman’s forearm, functional as bone. One man is transformed into two, and they kiss. 



As the artist Barbara Kruger once suggested, our bodies are a battlefield; how poignant to see the body used as an artistic vessel of peace amidst a world filled with violence. 



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