Conjure Oils -Things With a Good Smell Will Keep You Safe From Hell!

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Conjure Oils is one part atelier, one part down-home hoodoo.
Born out of a need for formulas that are both olfactorally appealing as well as absolutely spiritually viable, Conjure Oils offers only the best oils for either perfume or magickal use (or both!)
We have oils for: astrology, the planets, phases of the moon, the elements, chinese elements, the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft, Hoodoo. We also offer inspired perfumes: Mexican Loteria cards, mythologically themed oils based on the fables and follies of Gods and Goddesses. Oils invoking legendary practitoners such as Marie LaVeau and Aleister Crowley. We also feature Orisha oils, Sabbats blends and of course, limited editions.
All finely crafted and sweetly addictive. Environmentally responsible, 100% vegan and no ingredient is ever tested on non-human animals.
We got the tools, the talent, the experience. No gimmicks, no snake oil. Just a real good perfume and real good service.
Stop by and try a sample or three!!

Try our new lines: the Dianic Witchcraft themed Dark Moon Lodge and cut a rug with our new Speakeasy Line.

Don't forget that the Hallows Limited Edition scents are out now. Give them a try!

Thank you for looking. Love and Bliss to you.

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