It's hard to believe that is was 2009 when a small gem called "Obvious Child," a short film starring Jenny Slate, went viral and stole our hearts.  Finally, after four years of anticipation, "Obvious Child" is receiving  the full-on movie treatment it deserves, but it needs your help to get there.

For the few who missed the short film the first time around, it's a romantic comedy centered around a stand up comedian who gets an abortion after a one night stand. While the subject matter sounds controversial, this short film delights more than scandalizes, and therein lies it's subversiveness. In "Obvious Child," abortion is not depicted as some awful life altering event, but as a normal fact of life of which women should not be ashamed.

Gillian Robespierre, along with her friends Anna Bean and Karen Maine, came up with the premise for the story from their frustration by the limited representation of women's experiences with pregnancy, but filming it in the same style as their favorite romantic comedies.

After all our waiting, the "Obvious Child" movie is here, but it needs your help! Robespierre has started a Kickstarter to fund the movie's distribution, and they need as many backers as possible to reach their pledge goal.  If you love seeing different representations of women's experiences with pregnancy, abortion and love, go check out their Kickstarter page and help this wonderful story reach as many people as possible!


Image Via Kickstarter

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