I recently got my own apartment (yay me!), and I'm super excited about the possibilities. I plan to stay a while and want it to be colorful and fun. The furniture is in place, and the details are slowly coming together. I'm not crazy about the floors, so I've been agonizing over rugs the past few weeks. My absolute favorite option from Urban Outfitters just sold out and I'm pretty bummed. Since then, I've been scouring NYC for something colorful with a retro vibe. I settled for semi-retro and gave into pattern where color was lacking. I found this Calvin Klein polka dot rug at TJ Maxx and I'm pretty into it. 

Only later did I find a very similar, cheaper IKEA option... 

Anyway, I've since moved on to obsessing over curtains. Every single curtain I see, at least at department stores, is bleeblah boring with a capital B. I don't know when we, as a nation, fell in love with beige and navy, so I've been scouring Etsy for vintage curtains. I knew this would be a coin-toss, but why not?  I recently got an Etsy gift card so now is certainly the time to explore. I also took a look at Ebay options and one thing I've learned is that curtains are pretty pricey, vintage or otherwise, so you should get something you really love. 

I fell in love with so many, but length definitely held me back, along with certain prices. These are the best full-lengths I could find. Help me decide on the perfect one! 

My other issue is that I have three windows and most curtains come with two panels. I could live with one panel per window and possibly a colorful, plain curtain in the middle. What do you guys think? 

Butterfly Blues, $33

ssmith7157, $37

TrueValueVintage, $125

TheWhitePepper, $54

TheeLetterQ, $40

VintageLoversBest, $22.50 (each)

This one is so amazing...

kingstonfound, $89

...but doesn't necessarily look as good from far away.

Should I just go the safe route with IKEA curtains? These are pretty cute!


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