Pee-Wee Herman enthusiasts found something new to covet today thanks to an enterprising eBay seller. For the low low price of $25,600, you can ride in style just like the comedian himself — though you'll have to piece the bicycle together before you can get your hands on it. “It's in pieces now, but everything is there,” promises the seller.



Regardless of Pee-Wee's adamant refusal to sell the Beach Cruiser for any price back in 1985, it has changed hands a few times since. The seller claims that he “is the third owner. I bought [the bike] in 2010 for $10,000.” He's getting rid of the prize now because his family's gotten larger. Fingers crossed that there are still cult movie memorabilia collectors out there willing to lay down enough dough to go for a spin, but all with a need for speed should apply: rumor has it this bad boy can get you all the way to the Alamo and back. 



Time spent on this bicycle must be somethin’ reaaaal special for the value to increase by a whopping $15,600 in a mere four years — especially considering the seller's own nonchalance about the bike. When asked why he was selling the bike in pieces, he responded “Because I was getting ready to sell it, but a buyer backed out.  I don't have the time or urge to re assemble it only to take it apart again for the next buyer.” The seller also just wants someone to pick it up and prefers not to get bogged down with shipping.



Pee-Wee — wherever he prances — once claimed that he "wouldn't sell [his] bike for a hundred million, trillion, billion dollars" perhaps a cool 25G's is a bargain after all. Especially since the bicycle comes with an autographed photo of Paul Reubens, a photo of Paul Reubens signing the photo, a certificate of authenticity, and other precious Warner Brothers documents related to the film. Not unlike the box Pee-Wee presented to his assembled bike-hunting peers in the movie. You know, the one containing over 217 pieces of hard, Francis-stole-my-bike evidence. 

If interested, you better get to bidding! The bike started at $8,000 and has risen to $25,600 in the last few hours alone. I'm guessing you'll go up against a gang of Satan's Helpers, Chuck, Dottie, much of Hollywood, and the whole evil Buxton clan. 

But don't forget... tell 'em Large Marge sentcha. 


Images courtesy of the eBay Seller.

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