Wes Anderson's newest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, came out today and I don't know about you, but all of those luscious color schemes made me want to re-watch his entire film canon and... eat. Well people, we're in luck because Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn is holding a, "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" FILM FEAST on Wednesday, March 12th at 7:15pm.

What is this you may ask? Well, NiteHawk Cinema is famous for serving food and drinks in their theaters, and I am actually baffled by the fact that I didn't think of it first. For this special event, Nitehawk has teamed up with Captain Lawrence Brewery and put together an all-seafood, "The Life Aquatic" themed menu in which each dish is inspired by a specific scene from the film. The way that it works is, you pay a certain amount for the entire experience, and in return, "you’ll be served each course during the specific moments that inspired the film so you can experience edible sensations while watching the action unfold on-screen." How awesome is that? If you were already planning on going to dinner and a movie that night, do this instead. This seems like a way more cost and time efficient option!

Below is a link to Nitehawk chef, Michael Franey explaining each dish and its scene-specific inspiration. http://www.nitehawkcinema.com/2014/03/the-life-aquatic-film-feast-scenes-that-inspired-the-menu/

You can also purchase tickets here.

Nitehawk Cinema is located at 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Also, go see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" !

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