The Australian welfare organization RISE, which advocates for the rights of refugees and those seeking asylum, recently released troubling information regarding the treatment of women detainees. Despite the millions of dollars invested in Australia's refugee centers and the funds for an abundant supply of products, many women do not have acceptable access to feminine hygiene products, having to ask SERCO officers for one or two tampons/pads at a time. 



The Australian feminist group Destroy The Joint blames the country’s Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, for the often humiliating withholding of sanitary products for female detainees. And they’ve taken action, asking the global community to send our sanitary products (unused, of course) to his office with firm and peaceful messages advocating for women’s rights. Women are encouraged to participate once a month until the problem is solved. 



Cleverly repurposing the country’s “Stop the Boats” policy regarding individuals seeking asylum, DTJ has named the campaign “Stop the Tampons," spurring a global social media movement. Take a look at some of the moving submissions below, and feel free to send in yours to: 


The Hon. Scott Morrison 

MPPO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600





Together, we can put an end to this unfair treatment. 


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