kelseyhai8 » 2pm - Apr 21, 2014
Short Film directed by Soko, filmed on VHS in Silverlake, CA in fall of 2012.Monster : Morgan Krantz Mermaid : Hannah Frazier Mermaid Girl Monster : Soko Pretty Scared Lady : Isabel Lovers : Bethany McCarty & Dugan O'Neal Tomato Warrior : Bebel Ana & Emilia Sterkel Other Monsters : Nathan Thelen & Suzie PhilippotCREW Produced and filmed by SokoExecutive Producer - Mia Lidofsky Costume Designer - Natasha Noor Prop Master - Rene Sekula Makeup Artist - Bethany McCarty Additional Camera - Laure Vincent-Bouleau Additional Camera - Natasha NoorEdited with Michael ShifflettMUSIC "Monster Love" by Soko (feat. Ariel Pink)"I Just Want to Make it New with You" by Soko THANKS Julie Ling Jimmy Mehiel Ana Calderon Alex Wallman Diva Dompe Laure Vincent-Bouleau Derek SterkelCasbah Cafe Pazzo GelatoAnd thanks to all our Monster Lover Friends..Long Live Love.
Rating: 2.1 (23 Votes)