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Odd Blood

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Artist A Camp
Genre Alt Rock

After a three-year hiatus, Brooklyn experimentalists Yeasayer are back with a sophomore release that proves they’re not opposed to exploring new territory and they’re not afraid to dance.

Minor Love

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Artist Adam Green
Genre Rock

Though his career began as half of a duo that recorded a song called "Who's Got the Crack," former Moldy Peach Adam Green's current incarnation is decidedly grown-up.

One Life Stand

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Artist Hot Chip
Genre Pop

Perpetually heads and shoulders above the rest of the disco-nouveau/electro pack, London's Hot Chip boldly flies the imperiled analogue-lover's flag on their sophisticated new release, One Life Stand.

Have One On Me

Music Info

Artist Joanna Newsom
Genre Singer/Songwriter

Joanna Newsom has never seemed to care much about mainstream appeal. While her fellow freak folkers Devendra Banhart and Animal Collective have racked up acclaim for their more radio-friendly efforts, Newsom has released a triple album, with some songs clocking in at nine minutes long.

Concrete Jungle

Music Info

Artist Nneka
Genre Soul

Nneka is serious about exposing the concrete jungles she’s seen in Nigeria and Germany, jumping from the political to the very personal in each track of her U.S. debut.

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