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Mirah's long-awaited fourth solo album is explores troubles and hopes.

The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory  Consciousness

Weird music for weirdos.

Diamonds & Studs

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AlbumDiamonds & Studs
GenreAlt Rock

In the three years since making their major-label debut with a cool and cocky self-titled album, Morningwood’s vocalist Chantal Claret and bassist Pedro Yanowitz have split to different coasts, endured couples’ therapy (though their union is strictly creative), and redefined the passion that brought them together in the first place.

Sugarbaby EP

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AlbumSugarbaby EP
Genre Rock

Morningwood's new EP is a party waiting to happen.

Bob and Veronica Ride Again

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AlbumBob and Veronica Ride Again

Energetic and genuine, U.K. band Morton Valence's quirk shines through its U.S. debut, Bob and Veronica Ride Again.

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AlbumHeave Yer Skeleton
GenreArt Rock

Cleveland duo Mr. Gnome boasts a sound that's an impressive balancing act between soft and hard, masculine and feminine, ethereal and earthbound.

Weepy EP

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AlbumWeepy EP

Weepy makes us weep for more.

Psychic Chasms

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AlbumPsychic Chasms

It’s not dance music, it’s drug music, and it’s made by a kid who was raised on video games.

Nico Vega

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AlbumNico Vega
Genre Rock

A wannabe- badass rock band with soul.

Thought So…

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AlbumThought So…

Chill out in your dorm room with this throwback to late-’90s acid jazz.

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