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Don't Stop

Music Info

Album Don't Stop
Genre Pop

Like a spunkier, wittier Kylie Minogue, should-be-superstar Annie had her fab debut, Anniemal, downloaded by all the online movers ‘n’ shakers, but that mighty blog love never translated into actual album sales.

Slow and Steady Seduction, Phase II

This singer/songwriter's latest album pop is sweet and sly, built on deceptively simple pop language.


Music Info

Album Hush
Genre Pop

Well crafted and dreamy, Hush stands out and avoids cliché.

Still Night, Still Light

Music Info

Album Still Night, Still Light
Genre Electronica

Dreamy, wistful electronica fills Still Night, Still Light, the newest self-released album from Au Revoir Simone.

Come Back to the Five and Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee

Glam-rock, blues, and old-school rebel folk rule on this homage to a dead child star.

Crazy for You

Music Info

Album Crazy for You
Genre Pop

As usual, the dudes got it wrong. While the likes of Panda Bear and Arcade Fire were stroking their beards, wondering how to hide their tracks, the ladies went straight for the pop jugular unashamed, and rightly so.

Bright and Dark

Music Info

Album Bright and Dark
Genre Rock

Rock along with the ballsy beauties of BETTY in their sassy, pop-rock record, Bright & Dark.

200 Million Thousand

Music Info

Album 200 Million Thousand
Genre RockGaragePunk

The band takes a step back into the murkier waters from whence it came.

Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Music Info

Album Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Genre Rock

What's in a name? Nothing and everything. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club now goes by the acronym BRMC, which is a move in the right direction, as their full title sounds like the worst kind of throwaway, late-night, drugged jam session.


Music Info

Album Beware
Genre Country

Will Oldham has crafted Bonnie into a country-music cult legend.

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