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Time to Die

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AlbumTime to Die
Genre Rock

The Dodos get a dose of electro, but don’t lose their folky intensity, in Time to Die.


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Brassy, tacky, flashy, and sassy, Dolly Parton is so notorious for her eye-popping assets, acting career, and amusement-park entrepreneurship that we sometimes forget the reason she’s a star in the first place: her voice—a clear and shining instrument that can bring you to tears or drag you out of a funk with just a few bars.

I Will Be

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AlbumI Will Be

On Dum Dum Girls’ debut, the band channels ’60s girl groups with innocent lyrics about hand-holding and first kisses.


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Genre Rock

4 walks the line between acid-fried Hendrix noodling and amber-lit easy listening.

Heart On

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AlbumHeart On
Genre RockPop

Eagles of Death Metal roar back into gear with a pounding album.

Super Animal Brothers III

Dance all night and never miss a beat with electronic duo Ear Pwr's Super Animal Brothers III.

Suspicious Package

Music Info

AlbumSuspicious Package

If you stand too close to an amp, you feel like you're in hell; stand too close to your headphones while Earl Greyhound is playing, and your skin might melt right off.

Love Is Not Pop

Music Info

AlbumLove Is Not Pop

Discerning fans of subdued, synthy Swedepop will be hard-pressed not to fall head over heels for El Perro Del Mar’s latest release.

Artificial Fire

There are some great tracks on Eleni Mandell's latest, but with a whopping 15 songs on this CD, you might find yourself hitting the "next" button to find 'em.

Me and Armini

Music Info

AlbumMe and Armini

Singer/songwriter Emiliana Torrini delivers heartbreaking lyrics over an exotic array of pop sounds.

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