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Music for Men

Music Info

Artist Gossip
Genre Pop

The Gossip embrace their proud pop-hood in Music for Men.


Music Info

Artist Hollows
Genre Pop

This self-titled debut from the Chicago-based fivesome delivers organ-heavy pop music with handclaps and straightforward rhythms.

One Life Stand

Music Info

Artist Hot Chip
Genre Pop

Perpetually heads and shoulders above the rest of the disco-nouveau/electro pack, London's Hot Chip boldly flies the imperiled analogue-lover's flag on their sophisticated new release, One Life Stand.

Kokoo Girl

Music Info

Artist Jaqee
Genre Pop

With a slew of global influences under her belt, Jaqee perfects the charmingly sweet, vintage pop song in Kokoo Girl.

No Más

Music Info

Artist Javelin
Genre DancePop

Summer parties on rooftops need soundtracks, and Javelins No Más is the perfect album to covet all season long.

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