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The Fossil Hunter: Dinosaurs, Evolution, and the Woman Whose Discoveries Changed the World

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Book AuthorShelley Emling

In this breezy biography, Shelley Emling uncovers the life of fossil hunter and tongue-twister muse Mary Anning, who, in selling "seashells by the seashore," discovered the first complete skeleton of an ichthyosaur.

The Sound of Wings: The Life of Amelia Earhart

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Book AuthorMary S. Lovell

Amelia Earhart’s groundbreaking influence and charming quirkiness are the focus of The Sound of Wings, the story of this fascinating, if less than prodigious, aviator.

Babysitter: An American History

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Book AuthorMiriam Forman-Brunell

Caretaker. Cultural icon. Paid by the hour. The enigma that is the American baby-sitter is explored in all it's endearing/smart/scary/sexy glory in Miriam Forman-Brunell's Babysitter: An American History.

ANCIENT BODIES, ANCIENT LIVES: Sex, Gender, and Archaeology

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Book AuthorRosemary A. Joyce

This academic argument that inequality between the sexes is not historically the “natural” state of things is compelling but dry.

GLAMOUR: A History

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Book AuthorStephen Gundle

Finally, justification for our fascination with glamour!

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