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Book AuthorJulie Klam

Pampered as a kid, Julie Klam learns to find purpose and live in the real world in this hilarious, self-deprecating memoir.

MOOSE: A Memoir  of Fat Camp

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Book AuthorStephanie Klein

Stephanie Klein of "Greek Tragedy" blog fame talks about fat camp in this deeply personal but poorly organized memoir about control.

MARRYING ANITA:  A Quest for Love in the New India

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Book AuthorAnita Jain

Journalist Anita Jain explores arranged marriage at her Indian parents' insistence, and discovers universal truths about the search for love.

BLOOD MATTERS: From Inherited Illnesses to Designer Babies, How the World and I Found Ourselves in t

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GenreMemoirScienceSocial Issues
Book AuthorMasha Gessen

One woman's surprisingly tender odyssey through genetics, medicine, and disease.

PETAL PUSHER: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story

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Book AuthorLaurie Lindeen

Life in a band is exhilarating, and Laurie Lindeen, who formed the trio Zuzu’s Petals with her gal pals in the midst of the 1980s Minneapolis indie-rock scene, takes her readers along on her surprisingly deep, personal journey.

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