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Cutting the Edge

Music Info

ArtistChicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed rage on in Cutting the Edge, an eclectic embodiment of feisty femalehood.

Dark Night of the Soul

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse, alongside iconic names like Iggy Pop and David Lynch, release a haunting, heavy, and expertly-crafted collaboration for the ages with Dark Night of the Soul.

Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Music Info

Genre Rock

Deerhunter returns melodious with Rainwater Cassette Exchange, a dreamy, pop-friendly, 5-song EP.

Super Animal Brothers III

Music Info

ArtistEar Pwr

Dance all night and never miss a beat with electronic duo Ear Pwr's Super Animal Brothers III.

I'm Going Away

Music Info

ArtistFiery Furnaces

Energetic, raucous highs blend into smooth, satisfying slows in the Fiery Furnaces' eighth album, I'm Going Away.

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