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The Love Children

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Book AuthorMarilyn French

Adrienne Urbanski picks up where The Women’s Room left off, exploring and experimenting with the definition of modern womanhood in The Love Children.


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Book AuthorMichael LavineThurston Moore

Take a refresher course in punk rock as it once was with Grunge, Michael Lavine and Thurston Moore’s photographic ode to alt.

Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Re-defining Feminism

Contemporary feminism proves as dynamic as it is undefinable in authors Aronowitz and Bernstein's cross-country research project, Girldrive.

A Gate at the Stairs

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Book AuthorLorrie Moore

Lorrie Moore considers the bonds of family and the intricacies of human relationships in her novel A Gate at the Stairs.

A Friend of the Family

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Book AuthorLauren Grodstein

Neuroses and dark desires flood A Friend of the Family, Lauren Grodstein's story of a man's midlife crisis and the wreckage that follows.

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