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DATING JESUS: A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl

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Book AuthorSusan Campbell

Campbell’s wry wit and ability to break down Scripture crown her the Sarah Vowell of feminist theology.

The Well-Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself

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Book AuthorHannah Holmes

The idea that humans have a lot in common with animals isn’t a shocking conclusion, but Holmes approaches the subject with endearing honesty.

FEED ME!: Writers Dish About Food, Eating, Weight, and Body Image

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Book AuthorEdited by Harriet Brown

Feed Me! is a beautifully written essay collection, but it proves we still have a long way to go toward freeing ourselves form the grips of a cultural ideal of the female form.

Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories

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GenreShort Stories
Book AuthorLauren Groff

This collection features stories about women facing doom in a male-dominated world. Unfortunately, the characters aren't compelling enough to make us care.

Blonde Roots

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Book AuthorBernardine Evaristo

Bernardine Evaristo's first prose novel reverses history and covers some ambitious ground.

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